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YWAM Idaho Boise-Cascade - YWAM Idaho

Equipping pioneers to complete the Great Commission.

Worship Justly DTS

Our Worship Justly DTS kicks off January 4th, 2016 at our new operating location, Boise, Idaho. During the 3 month “Lecture Phase”, you will not only have amazing teachers but will be practically living it out daily as we minister to the thousands of refugees that have made Boise home.


DTS Training

Choose from six training schools and three beautiful locations here at YWAM Idaho to learn alongside like-minded lovers of Jesus.


Bible School for the Nations (BSN)

The BSN is a 5-month Bible school that equips YWAM workers who are seeking to know the truths of the Bible that transform individuals and nations, and to enable them to effectively communicate these ideas to others.


Refugee Ministry

Our new YWAM Location in Boise has an incredible ministry to the multitude of refugees that come to our neighborhood weekly. Join us as we welcome them to their new home as we share meals with them and build relationships in order to share the love of Jesus. .


Mission Adventures

Summer camp meets missions trip! Join us for 4 days of training at our camp in the mountains of Idaho followed by a 6 day stateside outreach or a 16 day international outreach.



Partner with YWAM Idaho as we mobilize, equip, send, and care for missionaries furthering the Great Commission.

BDTS volleyball

YWAM Idaho Community

At YWAM Idaho we value healthy community.  During your DTS you’ll often find yourself joining new friends on a hike through the mountains, kayaking on the river, checking out a new thrift shop in Boise or just hanging out at one of our locations.  So much of the amazing learning experiences come from your time in community.  Our staff want this as well and look forward to inviting you in to the community we have here at YWAM Idaho.

We gather as a family every Monday at 9:00am for Worship, Word and Intercession.  If you’re in the area, please join us!

Every Wednesday at 9:00am we gather at our Prayer Yurt on the banks of the Payette River for 90 minutes of worship and intercession.  Again, you are more than welcome to join us if you’re in the area!

YWAM Idaho’s mission is to work towards the completion of the Great Commission by partnering with the church to mobilize, equip, send and care for long-term missionaries who will take the Gospel to those who have not had a chance to hear.