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About YWAM Idaho - YWAM Idaho

About YWAM Idaho


Our Mission

YWAM Idaho’s mission is to work towards the completion of the Great Commission by partnering with the church to mobilize, equip, send and care for missionaries who will take the Gospel to those who have never heard.

YWAM Idaho:  Equipping Pioneers to Complete the Great Commission

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In the Heart of the Mountains

Our three locations at YWAM Idaho are surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains.  Boise is in the Treasure Valley formed by the Boise and Snake Rivers, Cascade sits in Long Valley on the banks of the Payette River and our Warm Lake Camp is nestled 40 minutes further in the mountains past Cascade where your closest neighbors are the deer and the elk.

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Reaching the Unreached

Our focus at YWAM Idaho is reaching the people groups of the world that have very little or no access to the Gospel.  We invest our resources, our prayers and our teams to these areas around the world.  What an incredible privilege to be the “beautiful feet” bringing the Good News to those who have never heard!

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Community Lifestyle

We are intentional in living in community.  We spend time worshipping together and learning together, but also sharing meals and having fun.  Discipleship and ministry is born out of community!


Downtown Boise Outreach

 The homeless population of Downtown Boise is growing every week.  Our teams have fallen in love with these beautiful people.  It is a priority for us to serve in the city where we live.  We have seen amazing fruit from this ministry as those on the streets are turning to Jesus.



At YWAM Idaho our Battle Cry is, “Equipping pioneers to complete the Great Commission”.   Sending out long-term workers is a priority here.  If God has given you a vision for ministry we want to help equip you!


Refugee Ministry

Roughly 1,000 refugees from all over the world move to Boise each year.  They come from some of the most war-torn, oppressive countries on earth.  The stories they bring with them are hard to listen to.  Many of them come from countries that restrict or outlaw the Gospel being shared but now here in Boise we have the opportunity to serve them both practically and spiritually.