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BSN Archives - YWAM Idaho


Our BSN has launched!!!


Jan 2014

Our BSN has launched!!!

After months of preparation, we are now running another YWAM Bible School for the Nations (BSN) here in Cascade this winter! Our BSN is a chronological, practical, and life-giving study from creation to Revelation + teaching outreach on the front-lines of the mission field! Who wouldn’t want to do that?   YWAMers gathered from ALL over to join our BSN Welcome Celebration today   Guest speaker and...

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Next Bible School for the Nations in January!


Dec 2013

Next Bible School for the Nations in January!

What an Incredible God-filled BSN of 2012. We read Genesis to Revelations and encountered God’s heart for people. Each student had new revelations on not just the Spiritual aspects of the Bible, but the practical uses of the Word as well… How we can use the Bible to transform our lives, our families, and our nations. Lecture phase lead to an unforgettable and effective outreach...

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Nov 2013

“I loved learning about God’s long-suffering and enduring love, persistence and patience towards Israel. He is desperate for relationship and is willing to go through anything to get us to come back to Him. It truly taught me what love is and how to better live it out. “ Ruth, BSN Student


Oct 2013

“I’ve read the whole Bible before, but reading through the Scriptures in a concentrated time helped me to see God’s goodness and love and His Spirit throughout the Old Testament. This study has drawn me closer to God. Thank you for making this a great school.” Mary Esther, BSN Student