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India Reach DTS - YWAM Idaho

India Reach DTS


India Reach DTS


Do you want to grow closer to God? Do you not know what is next or do you want to learn more about yourself and your purpose in this world? God may be calling you to spend the next five months on an adventure with Him. Join us! Together we will:

  • Learn more about who God really is.
  • Ask God who He says we are.
  • Explore Gods heart for other people and for the nations.
  • Find out how you can fit into His plan for the world.

Lecture Phase: The first 11 weeks of the school will be set aside for you to grow as a person as well as in your relationship with God. Though we will do some outreach during this time, the majority of these weeks will be focused on learning and growing. Then, after this time of preparation and personal growth, you will be ready to pour out into the lives of others.

You will learn though Inspiring teaching; Small groups; Relevant reading; One on ones; Practical assignments; Individual quiet times; Work duties; Real-life testimonies; Living in community; and Creative journaling.

Topics we will cover: Identity; Nature and Character of God; Evangelism; Word of God; Hearing God’s Voice; Strategic Missions; Worship and Intercession; Father Heart of God; Spiritual Warfare; Gifts of the Spirit; Relationships; and Church Planting Movements.

Lecture: $3200       Outreach: Approximately $3000 (depending on airfare)

September 12th, 2016 – March 6th, 2017

Outreach Phase: During the outreach phase of the India Reach DTS you will be immersed into the culture of India. By doing this, you will get the chance to build relationship with people in India, while showing Gods love to them. Some of the things we will specifically be aiming for in the outreach phase are:

  • Experiencing the beauty of the people of India by living among them.
  • Seeking God’s heart for this country and these people.
  • Inviting God into this country and in the lives of the people through prayer.
  • Showing Gods love as we share Christ in word and deed.
  • Stretching yourself by doing things that you thought were impossible.

Do you want to come on this adventure with us?

If you feel God is calling you to drop everything and follow Him during the coming five months, then we welcome you!

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Camp 11

One of the most exciting parts of the India Reach DTS is community living.  You and your team will live in the scenic Rocky Mountains near Cascade, Idaho.  During your 6 month school you will make life long friends that encourage you, challenge you and live life with you.

Love Feast Crazy Pic

Learning the language and cultural values of the people we will be ministering to during the India Reach DTS allows you and your outreach team to show and share God’s love to the lost more effectively.

DTS Satsung

The India Reach DTS has a special emphasis on cultural orientation and language acquisition, training individuals to minister to Hindus in a way that they be open to receiving Christ, rather than rejecting the Gospel as a foreign religion.