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Our BSN has launched!!! - YWAM Idaho

Our BSN has launched!!!

Our BSN has launched!!!

After months of preparation, we are now running another YWAM Bible School for the Nations (BSN) here in Cascade this winter! Our BSN is a chronological, practical, and life-giving study from creation to Revelation + teaching outreach on the front-lines of the mission field! Who wouldn’t want to do that?


YWAMers gathered from ALL over to join our BSN Welcome Celebration today

BSN Welcome Dinner


Guest speaker and worship leader, Kate Hurley led us into the Presence of God with her heavenly gifted voice and musical talent. Check out her website here. http://katehurley.com


Hours of sweet YWAM Worship + a delectable turkey dinner = the perfect BSN Welcome Celebration!

YWAM BSN Welcome Day

Our BSN is training missionaries who can accurately handle the Word of God and communicate truth in a relevant way. We’ll be discovering the mysteries of God together from January till June, before taking the Good News to the nations next summer! Please pray for daily revelation :-)

Check out the BSN Intl Facebook Page

Check out more about our BSN

Duane Zingale

Duane Zingale is the Chief of Operations Officer and personal development coach for YWAM Bend. He has been in Leadership in YWAM for 8 years serving initiatives in China and India. He loves consulting and coaching leaders to catalyze and ignite their visions into reality. He teaches, consults and coaches in leadership, entrepreneurship, pioneering, operations, the cloud fundraising, marketing & branding.


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