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The Christian's Response to the Refugee Crisis (Part II) - YWAM Idaho

The Christian’s Response to the Refugee Crisis (Part II)

The Christian’s Response to the Refugee Crisis (Part II)

6970392-old-world-map-wallpaper copyA week ago I posted my thoughts on the Christian’s Response to the Refugee Crisis.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of what we should be doing.  It’s on the news daily but it’s also in my life daily.  In one sense, it’s a great blessing to have the Nations coming to us.  I believe we have often neglected the call to “GO” to the Nations and now the distance we have to “GO” has greatly shrunk (just a side note, there are still many Nations we need to go to, they haven’t all come to the US).  And this is our heart as a family and also here at YWAM Boise.  We want to go to the nations God brings to us.  But as we were playing soccer with refugees from all over the world on Monday, my heart began to hurt.  The soccer was fun (even though I lost badly!) but something was missing.  God brought to my heart this question, “Where are those that will disciple all of these young people?”.


Here’s my struggle.  Our response to the refugee crisis is something we’re not doing very well at with those from our own country.  Let me show you what I mean by asking a few questions:

  1. Who are you discipling right now?  I’m talking true, “Jesus-like” discipleship.  Most that I talk to can’t answer this question.
  2. When is the last time you presented the Gospel of Jesus to someone?
  3. How often do you ask God to bring people in to your life so that you can either pray for them, share the life-giving Word of God with them and/or disciple them?

I’m asking these questions not to show you how bad of a Christian you are, but because I have failed miserably at all of the above so often in my life and because I know the Western Church has as well.   Think about this with me.  How can we expect to share the Gospel and make disciples with the refugees in our community and around the world if we’re not currently doing that with those from our own nation?

Our heart is certainly moved by the horrific stories we’ve read about and watched on TV.  This is a great injustice and we know we should do something.  Our emotions get attached to this…for awhile, but unless we truly seek the Lord Jesus and get to know Him this crisis will be like the many before it.  It will soon be out of our mind as the things of this world take up our thoughts, our time and our resources.

What our refugee friends need is not another soccer game or a free ice-cream cone.  This stuff isn’t bad but it is not filling the void in their heart.  What they need is Jesus and they need us (or you) to disciple them.  My neighbors need this too.  So do yours.

Let us work together to be like Jesus, to take care of both the practical AND the spiritual needs.  To “feed the 5,000” and then share the great Hope we have with them.


I know you desire to be obedient to Jesus.  Would you join me in this prayer?  Lord Jesus.  I repent of the times I have not shared the Gospel and not discipled your people.  I desire to be obedient to you.  Please show me the things in my life that keep me from being obedient and give me the courage to follow you the way you desire.  Give me a heart to minister to those in my life that need you.  The refugee.  My neighbor.  The cashier I meet today.  Help me to truly be your “Hands and Feet”.  Thank you for not giving up on me but for redeeming me to do great things for your Name!  In Jesus name, Amen.  


Matt Keller


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